The Perfect Tomato

I was shopping the other day in our market and needed tomatoes. I picked some absolutely perfectly round and red ones, still attached to the vine and delicious looking. In a basket near the display were some not so very pretty tomatoes. They were bumpy. They were wrinkly. They weren’t even all red..some had yellow … Continue reading The Perfect Tomato

Be Offended

Who offends you? And why? If you’re a Christian like me, you probably can rattle off a list of ten things without even trying. Living in this fallen world, it’s difficult to go through a day without being insulted in some way..rude people, distasteful ads, sex, drugs, homelessness, the news, greed, pride. The list just … Continue reading Be Offended

On Finding Waldo

When my boys were little, we loved the books “Where’s Waldo?” They are large picture books with multitudes of people on every page and the point was to find the one goofy guy with the striped beanie, blue pants, and glasses that was somewhere in the picture. Sometimes he was on the beach, or in the … Continue reading On Finding Waldo

The Faith To Stay

We all know it takes incredible faith to leave behind the comfortable and trek off into parts unknown to live the missionary life. To say goodbye to friends and family (maybe forever) and face strange cultures, weird food, unfamiliar lifestyles, and perhaps even fatal horrible disease. To spread the Gospel in hostile environments is not … Continue reading The Faith To Stay

Love, Love, Love

I have been assaulted by Love today. Not usually the verb I associate with Love…assault. However, it is exactly that…an assault of various kinds on the topic, definition, and idea of Love.  My first encounter was in my morning devotion. The verses I was taken to included  1Corinthians13, which is all about love and what … Continue reading Love, Love, Love